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Our Client Testimonials

Affirmation of MobileApp0’s excellence and client satisfaction during last 5 years of business operations.
Over 10,000+ customers from startups to large enterprises.
MobileApp0 is the largest mobile development company with a strong workforce of 150 employees and 5+ years in operations.
Brendon Co-founder, Mobile Tech Company inverted-comma “They’re great in terms of technical support. MobileApp0 have great developers that work at a very high level and yet are able to translate their technical knowledge into lay business terms.”
Burton Development Manager, Nonprofit Production Company inverted-comma “I was very happy with their work. MobileApp0 was willing to go the extra mile for me. I was impressed with the way they handle a project, the competency that was executed, the team they assign to it and the quality of the product at the end.”
Christopher Business Development Manager, Skylark Infomedia inverted-comma “They are very responsive, professional people. The one thing I appreciated most about MobileApp0 is that during this period, they worked on our project like it was their own project, rather than treating it as a low-priority client project.”
Alexander Consultant, ITec Firm inverted-comma “MobileApp0 gets the projects done on time. They are responsive, hands on, and always giving us an update on where the project stands. They make sure that whatever our demands are, no matter how challenging, they are able to meet them.”
Broderick Founder, Educational Mobile App Firm inverted-comma “We are extremely satisfied with MobileApp0 and have returned to them for multiple development projects. MobileApp0 Media produces great looking and functioning apps.”
Archibald CEO, Pyze Inc. inverted-comma “We work as a startup, so we’re very fast-paced, and MobileApp0 has adapted to our pace. We’re very happy with their team. A collaboration of this kind is a two-way conversation.”
Algernon Director of Engineering, Mobile App Firm inverted-comma “MobileApp0 goes beyond their regular working hours to get things done. Once there is a commitment made by the team to deliver something.”
Barrett CEO, Software as a Service Company inverted-comma “Working with MobileApp0 has been a very positive experience. We found that as a result, they were able to give us a great deal of attention. We’re extremely satisfied with the application and we hope to partner with MobileApp0 for future projects.”
Alastair Senior Director of Mobile Development inverted-comma “MobileApp0 Mobile works well with our team, and they are quite friendly. I’ve been pleased with the development staffers that they provided us.”